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Revista - vol. 1, n. 1

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Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors PDF
José Roberto Franco Xavier, Paulo Eduardo Alves Silva
Carta dos Editores PDF (PORTUGUÊS (BRASIL))
José Roberto Franco Xavier, Paulo Eduardo Alves Silva


Social Control Thinking: an empirical study of parliamentary debates on lowering the age of criminal responsibility PDF (PORTUGUÊS (BRASIL))
Riccardo Cappi
Human Rights and Remains: a hypothesis for legally confronting the problem of torture in Brazil PDF (PORTUGUÊS (BRASIL))
Pedro Rubim Borges Fortes
Criminology and Prison: methods and challenges of empirical research in prison field PDF (PORTUGUÊS (BRASIL))
Ana Gabriela Mendes Braga
Creativity in Regulation Design: when the mechanical arm takes on a life of its own PDF (PORTUGUÊS (BRASIL))
Bruno Vinicius Luchi Paschoal
The Decision-making Process of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court: enhancing the “eleven islands” criticism PDF (PORTUGUÊS (BRASIL))
Guilherme Forma Klafke, Bruna Romano Pretzel
Legal Research and Electronic Databases of Judicial Decisions: evaluation matrices and analyses of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court and the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice PDF (PORTUGUÊS (BRASIL))
Fábia Fernandes Carvalho Veçoso, Bruno Ramos Pereira, Camila Akemi Perruso, Carolina Martins Marinho, Daniel Bernardes de Oliveira Babinski, Daniel Wei Liang Wang, Estela Waksberg Berrini, Juliana Bonacorsi de Palma, Natasha Schimtt Cassia Salinas
The Court Decisions Summaries As a Source of Research: a critical analysis from the data obtained in the study “The judicial practice of habeas corpus in Sergipe (1996-2000) PDF (PORTUGUÊS (BRASIL))
Andréa Depieri de Albuquerque Reginato, Robson Cosme de Jesus Alves
Deferred Appealing of Interlocutory Decisions: a case study of the 17th region’s labor regional court and of the Espírito Santo’s Court of Justice PDF (PORTUGUÊS (BRASIL))
Carolina Bonadinam Esteves
New Horizons for Empirical Research in Law: “decentering” the subject, “interviewing” systems and “desubstantializing’’ legal categories PDF (PORTUGUÊS (BRASIL))
Margarida Garcia


“Critical Empiricism” in American Legal Studies: paradox, program, or pandora’s box? PDF (PORTUGUÊS (BRASIL))
David Max Trubek, John Esser