Check the first number, second volume, of Brazilian Journal of Empirical legal studies, published in January, 2015.


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Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors PDF
José Roberto Franco Xavier, Paulo Eduardo Alves Silva


Which place are we speaking from? Returning to a longstanding talk about Law and Sociology PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Wanda Capeller
The political economy of legal knowledge PDF (Spanish (Colombia))
Daniel Bonilla
Antiracism legislation in Brasil: approaching the application of the law in the Brazilian courts PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Marta Rodriguez de Assis Machado, Natália Neris da Silva Santos e Carolina Cutrupi Ferreira
A researcher at the EMERJ: negotiations of a field research approach at an institutionalized context PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Fernando de Castro Fontainha
The law on the body and the body beyond the law: the conception of Brazilian legal scholars on the crime of obscene act in the sociology of the body perspective PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Ana Paula Antunes Martins
Difficulties and findings of an Empirical Legal research: case studies built on judicial documents PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Vanessa Dorneles Schinke
Argumentative interactions between Brazilian Supreme Court and other courts PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Aline Oliveira de Santana, Luciana de Oliveira Ramos e Marco Antonio Loschiavo Leme de Barros
LGBT movement’s legal strategies and the christian social movement reaction in Colombia PDF (Espanhol (Colombia))
Lina Malagón Penen
CNJ’s resolution 135 and the challenge of regulating the judiciary PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Ivan Candido da Silva de Franco


Empirical scholarship in Contract Law: Possibilities and Pitfalls PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Russell Korobkin


On Law, Social Sciences and the challenges to navigate these two worlds: an interview with Alvaro Pires PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Álvaro Penna Pires, Carmen Silvia Fullin, Ana Lucia Pastore Schritzmeyer, José Roberto Franco Xavier


Politics and Society: social theory in a time of austerity PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Review by Wanda Capeller