Check the second number, second volume, of Brazilian Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, published in July, 2015.


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Letter from the Editors

Letter from the editors PDF
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The challenge of social reintegration of the prisoner:
A research in prisons
PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Carla Coelho Andrade, Almir de Oliveira Júnior, Alessandra de Almeida Braga, André Codo Jakob, Tatiana Daré
The judiciary before land conflicts of quilombolas communities PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Ana Carolina Chasin
Social participation, democratic state and constitution: A analisys of the profile of the Municipal Councils in Ribeirão Preto – SP PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
André Gomes Antonietto, Fabiana Cristina Severi
The brazilian legal dogmatics of the “realization of social and economic rights” under trial: Methodological reflections based on a contextualist approach PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Charles Borges Rossi
Perceptions about compliance with law and vulnerable groups in Brazil PDF
Luciana Gross Cunha, Rodrigo de Losso da Silveira Bueno, Joelson Sampaio, Luciana de Oliveira Ramos
Notes on the courts of domestic and family violence against women PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Cristiane Brandão, Clara Lima, Danielle Tavares, Juliana Azevedo, Renan Saueia, Renato Trindade, Luiza Carvalho
Gender and marital violence: Points of view from a specialized justice system PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Nayara Magalhães
Between sicks and bandits: The processing of drug law (No. 11.343 / 2006) in Congress PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Marcelo da Silveira Campos
Research on sentencing: Disparity, punishment and vocabularies of motives PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Mariana Raupp


The empirical turn in international legal scholarship PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Gregory Shaffer, Tom Ginsburg