Check the second number, third volume, of Brazilian Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, published in July, 2016.

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Letter from the Editors

Letter from the editors PDF
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Symposium: “Law, Economics and Public Policies”

Letter from the guest editors PDF
Guest Editors
Lawyering in new developmentalism: legal professionals and the construction of the Telecom sector in the emerging Brazil (1980s-2010s) PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Fabio de Sá e Silva, David M. Trubek
Violence against women as an economic issue: making sense of a fragmented field PDF
Helena Alviar García
Presidential dominance from a comparative perspective: the relationship between the executive branch and regulatory agencies in Brazil PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Mariana Mota Prado
The right to culture and public policies in Brazil: an analysis of direct and indirect public spending in the audiovisual sector during the New Republic PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Mateus Maia de Souza, Nichollas de Miranda Alem
Impact Assessment of the Brazilian Access to Information Act – An interdisciplinary methodological approach PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Taiana Fortunato Araújo, Maria Tereza Leopardi Mello


Lawyers and politics: notes from an observation of a meeting of “people’s lawyers” in the beginning of the 2000s PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Frederico de Almeida
Impacts Of Divorce Law Changes In Brazil And The “Extinction” Of Judicial Separation PDF
Antônio J. Maristrello Porto, Pedro H. Butelli, Pedro H. Butelli
Legitimization Arguments for Procedural Reforms: a semio-linguistic analysis of statement of reasons from the Civil Procedure Code of 1939 and of the draft bill of the New Civil Procedure Code of 2010. PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Matheus Guarino Sant’Anna Lima de Almeida, Gabriel Guarino Sant’Anna Lima de Almeida, Fernanda Duarte, Rafael Mario Iorio Filho
Parental alienation and the Brazilian justice system: an empirical approach PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Mariana Cunha de Andrade, Sergio Nojiri
“Decipher me or I’ll devour you”: the constitutional law education in perspective and in action PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Carlos Victor Nascimento dos Santos
From civil interdiction to supported decision-making: a necessary change in the recognition of legal capacity and human rights of people with disabilities PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Cícero Pereira Alencar, Daniel Adolpho Daltin Assis, Luciana Barbosa Musse
Patent Law and the invisibility of traditional knowledge: the case of Bauhinia sp. PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Marcos Vinício Chein Feres, João Vitor de Freitas Moreira


Entre o Direito e a Sociedade: Entrevista com Bryant Garth PDF (Portuguese (Brazil))
Fernando de Castro Fontainha, Izabel Saenger Nuñez, Paulo Eduardo Alves da Silva